A totally random dude who thinks his opinions outweigh all others, making him somehow better than anyone, but really he's just a troll in expensive shoes living off someone else's money.
Dude thinks he's so wise with the way he loves dumping his opinion everywhere, but we all know he's a cock-a-doodle douchebag.
by Rachiepants September 01, 2019
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Your typical rock climbing, "not all who wander are lost", sub alpha male who's moderately pretentious & his diet consists of microbrews and charcuterie plates.
Why would you invite Rich out to the bar, you know he's a colorado douchebag.
by Yamothasleg March 06, 2021
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Not to be confused with the Apprentice Douchebag. Just as there is always a bigger villain behind the scene so to is a bigger douchebag. Usual signs that a primary douchebag is in the area is usually the annoyed feelings you get from the crowd around you. It is always the person who makes everyone at a party feels mad as hell.
Guy 1: I get why this party sucks there's a Primary Douchebag here and its probably Patrick.
by HourglassMage February 25, 2012
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A guy who acts friendly to girls and attempts to flirt with them but constantly acts like a bitch and makes douchebag moves which completely counter his previous gentlemen actions.
"Kevin walked me to my car today. He was such a gentleman up until he complained about my walking speed and then became a gentleman douchebag,"
by CaptainTuna March 07, 2016
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To be a very low or poor quality douchebag
I met this guy the other night that seemed real nice at first but he turned out to be a Dollar store douchebag!
by LSCSnow2021 September 14, 2021
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Someone who says stupid shit online and then proceeds to beg for money as if they didn’t just piss off a bunch of people
She said she hates men and then she plugged her OnlyFans. She is The Ultimate Douchebag
by DR@90N May 28, 2020
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