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n. A pickup truck which is used by its douchebag driver to compensate for his lack of testosterone. Douche trucks differ from normal pickup trucks in that they generally are lifted, with large aftermarket tires and rims. Despite having a pickup bed and a massive engine, douche trucks are rarely used to haul anything but the driver and his idiot friends. The driver would not dare scratch his truck by hauling a load of wood in the back, despite the fact that the bed is Rhino-Lined to prevent dents and scratches.
The "douche factor" of the truck increases exponentially with the addition of Hurley or Fox Racing decals to the rear windows, or silhouettes of naked women on the mud flaps or rear window. "Truck Nuts", or the fake testicles sold for the purpose of hanging between the rear tires, are considered the highest level of truck douchebaggery.
The drivers of douche trucks also have little or no concept of the existence or purpose of their truck's turn signals, and tend to switch lanes or merge without signaling.
Man, did you see that douche truck on the freeway? He almost ran us off the road when he switched lanes!
by Prometheus Jones March 31, 2009
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A truck driven by a douchebag, typically American-made, often embellished with extra lights, large grills, custom hubcaps, truck nuts, etc. A douchetruck is always unnecessarily large and jacked-up, and the worst offenders also have loud diesel engines. Douchetruck owners partake freely in douchetruckery, and are often seen the common douche uniform of Ed Hardy.
Some SUV models have "Eddie Bauer Editions." Douchetrucks are the "Ed Hardy Edition" of pickup trucks.
by Auntie Douchery September 03, 2011
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Any regular pickup truck with a suspension/body lift that brings it from a suitible ride height, to an over-compensating gargantuan stance. Usually with the lift kits, massive unnecessary mudding tires and bowel shattering exhaust systems follow suit. The people who primarily operate these road dwelling abominations are those with more money than brains, and are primarily on a lower evolutionary intelligence scale then the rest of human kind.
"ohh fawk der bud, just got ma paycheck from the rigs. gon go get one of dem fawkin chevy douche-truck fawk. Jus lift er' up n' giver fawkin buck eh! ohh yawp. fer sher"
by n!kki March 20, 2012
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Douchetruck has the ability to be used in many ways, but generally is used as an adjective. To describe a person who is ignorant, and vile. A person who is a douchetruck has risen above the label "Douche bag" or "Douche face."

A Douchetruck can also refur to a truck that is hired for the sole purpose of carrying, and ridding the products of douching.
"John you are such a fucking douchetruck."


"Holy shit, today must be tuesday because there are two douchetrucks coming up the street!"
by Olivia Benson February 22, 2006
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When you want to call somebody a name and douchebag will not suffice. It's a bigger diss
Kid: Hey i fucked yout mom last night
Other kid: yeah well you prob. got herpes you douche truck
by polak117 May 07, 2007
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