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When someone in a public area hits an e-cigarette with everything they've got and blow out a huge vape cloud everyone now has to walk through.
Ugh, I walked through that Asshat's douche cloud and all I smell is Blue Razzbery Funk Jizz
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by Talamascaa April 15, 2017
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when a large bunch of douche bags pool their resources in one area in order to inflict their douchiness upon unsuspecting, hard-working, non-douche bags.
I ran into a massive douche cloud at that gig in France.
by paddy o'humble December 09, 2010
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1. (n) - When a person is such a high level douche bag, that everyone in their area is affected by them, they transcend into the douche cloud form, permeating everything in range as a gas or fine mist would.
Haha - Trump is such a douche cloud that when he gives press conferences, you can see McConnell actually frown harder than his default turtle face from the vapors.
by sleepyHollow October 17, 2017
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