Noun: The title one gives their cheating ex.
Girlfriend: Shit, here he comes.
Boyfriend: Is that the guy you told me about?
Girlfriend: Ya; he's such a douche canoe.
by RandyRubix September 25, 2016
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somebody who exceeds the regulations of normal douchebaggery, thus is a douche canoe
^ emma: whats that smell?, it smells like dick!!!
^ adam: seriously dude, ur a douche canoe
by adamINTHEVAN July 14, 2011
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a person or people acting stupid for no apparent reason
calling out people for no apparent reason
look at those kids bashing on that kid for driving that honda.
-yeah what a bunch of douche canoes
by G millz May 03, 2012
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-The term used for a standard edition Ford Mustang. (manual windows, casset player, small V6 engine)

-This low priced version is usually driven by guys who flaunt the car as a hotrod to chicks and dudes to recieve attention.

-Durives from the facts that a Douche usually drives this type of Mustang without any knowledge of car specs. And because of it's limited horsepower, is called a Canoe
Douche: "Hey guys, check out my Saweeeet ride! It has an air cleaner!" (revs engine)

Guy:(to himself) "I can't believe this retard is bragging about his Douche Canoe again."
by IceKold88 December 11, 2009
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The worst kid of douche imaginable.

This phrase originating in the small college town of Hanover, NH and has spread like wildfire due mostly to its fluid phonetics.
1. Is that douche canoe popping triple collars?
2. Yeah, that douche canoe bragged about blacking out last night when he'd only had 2 beers.
3. I fucking hate those douche canoes.
by Stigmata. September 24, 2006
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Someone who is an all around jerk. A hightened version of calling someone a douchebag. A derogitory term for someone who did something bad or mean.
Jeez, Tom just ditched us to go to the movies... he's such a douche canoe...

Dont be such a Douche canoe
by Boosh.Jgc April 30, 2010
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Someone who exceeds all other douche bags and dumb fucks. They play music on yahoo chat to "punish" other chatters even though they can easily ignore them. They attempt to be smart but fail every single fucking time.

They come in under multiple screen names and accidentally post the wrong thing under one screen name...then correct themselves, therefore giving both names away to the entire room. They usually have no teeth and have the mental capacity of a hamster on crack. No one likes them but in the voices tell them they are awesome.
Rick aka potluck aka nonyabiz aka i am karma aka dumbfuck who needs to fall in a hole

Rick is playing music on 6 different screen names, trying to make people tell him the definition of polyamorous (in order to appear smart) and losing a couple teeth all at the same time, hence being a douche canoe.
by Mi2chatter October 30, 2010
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