The plexiglass enclosed area inside the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback room where Kirk Cousins must isolate himself because he’s a giant idiot who refuses to get vaccinated.
I’ve done my own medical research and I’ve concluded that I’ll be safer inside my douche canoe versus simply getting vaccinated.
by AntiEverythingFC August 05, 2021
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Someone who is such a jerk that they deserve to drown in a canoe.
Person: My Ex cheated on me with three other women and then had the nerve to say that I was the problem.

Person 2: Damn, He seems like a douche canoe!
by Senpaiwaifu July 08, 2019
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When you're in school and the hot kid is being a jerk so you don't want to say the whole thing but you have to bring the point across
" lean back sara…"
by Ha you thought June 07, 2017
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Someone who has exceeded the level 1 douche, level 2 douche bag, and graduated to level 3 of the douche pyramid
Did you see that guy Sonny slide into the random girl's DM asking her to ride his cock?
Yeah I did. Spicer is such a douche canoe
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Douche Canoe, a oversized maxipad used to catch all the nastiness that filters out of a females vaginal cavity after douching.. much like a pantie liner..
Sarah if I wouldn't have used a douche Canoe I would have ruined my panties..
by Model Ynohtna February 27, 2020
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