An individual capable of such douchebaggary, that their capacity well exceeds the confines off just a bag.
That Billy Hotdog is such a douche canoe, he had to sign a written agreement with his boss, limiting his overabundant workplace douchebaggary.
by Bigbrothathunda!!! September 19, 2019
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A pussified person lacking any sort of balls to get a job done.
That douche canoe needs to fucking punch the gas and get the fuck out of my way.
by PRINCESS PHROGG June 17, 2021
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Someone who puts their ex girl on his snap chat story for the new girl to see, and she gets mad. That new girl calls him a douche-canoe and proceeds to put a snap story of her own on that says "fuck you" in an act to subtweet his bitch ass
Wow he is such a douche-canoe, I hope his ex knows about me
by Big dick III July 2, 2015
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A colloquial term to describe a person who, unlike his father, would drown if he tried to make love on a lake.
Don't call the Prime Minister a c*nt - he lacks the warmth and the depth. A better label would invoke a product that is useless and unnecessary and is only utilized if something has gone horribly wrong, except this label should also have a Canadian twist that does not involve maple syrup. The Prime Minister is a douche-canoe.
by dotconnectr on gettr February 7, 2022
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you are such a douche that you could fill an entire canoe
that bitch, erik, from TDBank is such a douche canoe
by emmydelmo December 10, 2021
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a person whom is a level above you’re average douchebag. the ultimate douche.
Brenden is sure a douche canoe when it comes to dealing with girls.
by 103937;727261783 January 25, 2018
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When two or more douche bags are in one vehicle or transportation device.
When Sean's team gets on the bus to come play at one of our stadiums it turns into a douche canoe.
by Blackhawks39 December 30, 2015
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