A person who has exceeded the levels of douche bag and is not quite douchey enough to be considered an asshole.
Guy 1: Carl is such a douche bag!
Guy 2: That's an understatement, he's a douche canoe!
by Gotham in ashes July 24, 2013
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a phrase to describe someone who is being mean, rude, or annoying. Often used to describe men.
Oh my god he is being such a douche canoe
by douchecanoe999 January 08, 2022
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A person or people who are behaving like a feminine hygiene product one would use on a warm night in August. With an air of snooty-ness as they fancy themselves an outdoorsmen using a pretentious personal watercraft.
Todd was being a real douche canoe talking about his ski trip in Tahoe.
by Dadof3girls March 12, 2016
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When someone is such a douche that they overflow the capacity of a douchebag and is able to fill a canoe.
When you’re double dipping, you’re a douche canoe!
by Lilapowers June 15, 2018
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A word which will forever be used on 3 basic games Grand Theft Auto Online, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Its meaning is simple when being a simple Douche bag isn't enough. You have to make up a new word for the amount of scrub they are.
XBOX 360 Douche Canoe
by The Stinky Pinky November 13, 2013
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