Basically a douche bag full of motherfuckers' shit to the brim.
We tried to keep that douche canoe from tossing his salad infront of our parents in a restaurant.
by doucheelese March 20, 2008
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A vehicle, typically a pickup truck (i.e., land canoe) operated by an obnoxious total loser.
by Super_G February 17, 2022
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A douche of such magnitude you need a watercraft to navigate.
I can't believe he stole that kids bike, what a douche canoe!
by txdollface January 15, 2016
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A fuckhead that is the size of a small boat.
My ex boss was such a douche canoe. She constantly lied about staff behind their back.
by Peaches&Boo January 10, 2017
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Someone so full of themselves, that they feel their physical appearance entitles them to to be admired. At which point, they then utilize this false sense of admiration to attempt to take advantage of infatuated victims.
That douche canoe thinks that just because he tries to impersonate Kurt Cobain, it automatically makes him a talented idol, when in reality he is an unskilled parasite.
by Seattle010518 January 7, 2018
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your grade-a, classical fuck boy, typical douche who has earned the title of douche canoe
Huber, you're a fucking douche canoe! Stop looking up child pornography!
by Pv35 February 2, 2017
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A person who reaches the apex of douche baggery. This person is generally a loser that lives in a small town and act like he is a bad ass. Rumor has it that most Steve's are douche canoes, though douche canoes have other names as well. Rumor also has it that Steve's who are douche canoes also have a small penis which explains their napoleon complex.
Steve is such a douche canoe, there is no one in earth that compares. If there were Olympics that involved douche canoe racing, he would get the gold every time.
by Steveisabitchassdouchecanoe December 15, 2017
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