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Also known as DBS, Douche Dag Syndrome is a condition in which a male human becomes incapable of gentlemanly conduct. Lying; cheating; selfishness; and ditching of his girlfriend, friends, and even family are common characteristics of this life altering condition. Men, even young boys, can lose the best pieces of their lives when affected by DBS. The cure is simply a conscious change of attitude and a reevaluation of priorities.
Man, did you hear about Tonya? Her boyfriend caught a bad case of Douche Bag Syndrome and left her for a hooker! He's gonna regret that one.
by ashmallie March 27, 2010
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Although common to catch among the male species, females as well can catch douche bag syndrome(DBS). It is the condition where females are really attracted to or fondly in love with complete douche bags. Douche Bags can classify as guys that are never clean shaven such that they can almost form a beard, wear metal band hoodies, cares for no one but themselves, wears their cleanest dirty clothes, or Wangsta's etc...
Guy 1: Hey you see that hottie over there?

Guy 2: Yea, and how did she end up with that rawnchy douche bag?

Guy1: I think she has a clear case of douche bag syndrome.
by clean shaven nice guy May 26, 2010
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When men ask stupid questions and do not think about the question before spewing it out of their mouths ... This is called douchebag syndrome.
BF: "Are you Jealous of Her?"
GF: "Oh, shut up. Douchebag."

To cure douchebag syndrome, kick the man in the balls. Then, like the theory of Operant Conditioning, if a man gets kicked in the balls enough times when he says stupid comments, he should no longer say stupid comments for fear his balls will be kicked.
by mandypeaches August 25, 2012
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