When you park parallel to somebody who is already parallel parked on the street boxing them in between you, the curb, and the cars in front and behind them.
by keem's gay May 10, 2003
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When two men each stick there penis in a woman at the same time. Typically this refers to two in the same opening, such as a DP or double vag.
Man, those two dudes double parked that bitch, and then made their deliveries.
by da-bul park September 25, 2003
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When the aggressor during doggy style intercourse becomes the passive party when another individual inserts his penis into aggressor A's anal orifice, thereby making the first aggressor unable to move forward or backward from his predicament.
"Did you hear about person A? He was doing person B doggy style when person C started doing person A doggy style. Person A couldn't do anything as he was double parked so he couldn't get out"
by liltoast October 21, 2016
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Aussie slang for when you are holding two beer cans/bottles in one hand.
This is usually done when lining up for another bevy is too much trouble
"Sammy you double parking are we?"
"You got that right mate
by aussieboy101 June 13, 2013
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When a round of drinks is bought by someone, and your still goin on your last drink.
Dave was only half way through his beer when John came back from the bar with the next round, leaving Dave double parked.
by Adrian A. May 02, 2007
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