Word overused by UrbanCinderella, who is teh queen of dorks, and the biggest one alive.
1. UC, you dork.
2. UC is a dork!!
3. UC is the dork queen. Bow down.
by Nobody December 25, 2004
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This word is an acronym for disciple of a risen king, referring to Jesus.
That girl must be a d.o.r.k.; you can tell by how she lives her life.
by d.o.r.k. February 06, 2010
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A person who involves themselves in geeky/nerdy activities very seldom and admires geeky/nerdy people, but isn't a geek or nerd themselves.
I have a dorky friend who comes to conventions with me every few years... but I'm a nerd, so I go every year and find every comic con, anime con, you name it. I'm there. But not dorks.. dorks don't do that.. dorks are posers who like to pretend their nerdy and geeky.
by ViscountDevil July 04, 2015
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Go find a mirror, dork. Better yet, turn off your computer and go get a life.
by atwavirus August 21, 2005
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Slang: an awesome person that is unbelievably awesome and be only be described as "Awesome".
Wow you're such a dork, but in a totally good way. In such a way, that completely complements your looks and attitude. You should be happy that I called you that.
by Mr. Prof. Dr. September 05, 2011
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