Some little four year old, whiney spanish bitch who gets fucked over on acid on her show that appears on television daily. This program insults even those of the lowest form of intelligence.(Example: FOX producers who cancel every good show on the air -.-.) Who the fuck creates a character that's a fucking monkey that wears boots? And guess what, it's name is Boots. Creative,eh? They should've given it a thong and named it Sir Fancy. You know that's what Dora wants. Kinky time with a monkey. Fuckin' show. And you 'interact' with it.What the fuck does that mean? You don't. There's a little blue arrow that points at things. Oh,right. This is creating intelligent children for the future. No wonder humanity is doomed. Oh, and what about that gay-ass fox thing who steals shit. The only way to stop it is for Dora to say 'Swiper,no swiping' or some shit. And then the little wannabe badass fox thing touches himself and runs into the woods. Come on. That's pathetic. These toddlers and going to grow up into adults and when some drunk guy tries to steal something off one, they're gong to yell 'Swiper, no swiping.' You know how fucked up that is? I'd rather go swallow razors and then drink salty lemonade then have to see a fucked over four year old sing to inanimate fucking objects again.
Some Dipshit: I dressed up as Dora the Explorer for hallowe'en, and got nailpolish remover forced down my throat.
Someone in their right mind: AHAHA You dumb fuck.
by H1tl3r August 08, 2007
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A young mexican (or the like) girl who has ODed on on shrooms, 'cause she is always seen singing to inanimate objects, such as, her backpack and a map. Also, the subject of bestiality and Dora often comes up because of her questionable relationship with a purple monkey named Boots, that wears red boots on his feet. It is also questionable, the whole thing with "Swiper" the fox, she always wards him away. He doesn't really do anything, except throw things. Perhaps he was an ex of the appearing four-year-old.
Dora: +Spaces.+
Boots: Uh...Dora, the kids are watching. +Poke.+
Dora: What? Oh! Hola, mi amigos...
Boots: C'mon Dora, we need to go see our Dealer!
Dora: Si, chango pelon!
Boots: I'm not bald.
Dora: +Laughs.+ Come on, vamanos, everybody, let's go!
Boots: Wait, dumbass. We don't know which way to go. Especially when we're screwed up. Ask the map, ask the map!
Dora: Oh. Right. Say Map!
by Leiko October 07, 2004
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A T.V. show that airs on Nick Jr. in the morning.
It stars a retarded little Mexican (no offense to Mexicans, just saying this particular girl is retarded) and a little monkey who wears red boots, cleverly named "Boots," who's sole purpose is to whine the entire show.
Dora the Explorer goes on "adventures" every SINGLE day, including different countries. When she asks questions such as "where is MY friends, Boots?" then the camera zooms in on Boots, who is "Hidden behind" a bush. After the kiddies are supposed to scream "BEHIND THE BUSH, RETARD!" Dora congradulates us on a GOOD JOB, "mi amigos"
then, she speaks perfect Spanish when she's like, four, and so does inanimate objects, such as the infamous "map" who screams "I'M THE MAP, I'M THE MAP, I'M THE MAAAAAAAAAAAP!" about sixteen times until we cut our ears off. Then he shows us THREE locations that we must go through to get to our destination, such as "The good witch's garden".
After the map shows us, Dora retardedly asks us where to go, as if she hasn't hear the map's irratating instructions already.
At some point in the show, the sneaky "Swiper the Fox" tries (and sometimes succeeds) to steal something LEAST VALUABLE to Dora-- like a flower--and if he does, he throws it in a bush or something. When he comes close to Dora, she points her finger at him like a homo and screams SWIPER NO SWIPING at him. Then swiper snaps his finger and says awwwwwww man! and runs away into the forrest like a pansy. If any kid tried this in real life, like pointing their finger at some gangstas and screams swiper no swiping!, they'll get shot or something.
Summary: Dora's a show that was made by Nick producers on crack.
Did you just search Dora the Explorer on Urban Dictionary? and did *I* just type a definition?!
by idk. I'm soooooooo bored. March 21, 2009
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A gay show in NickJr perfect for mexican primetime, starring a 7 year old retarded mexican dipshit (Dora), a whining homosexual monkey(Boots) and sometimes three others, a stupid cow, a pansy iguana and a small animal that could drive a car large enough to fit dora....

Every show there will be a villain-like figure named swiper that would try to steal one of dora's items, he would sometimes succeed but 9 .99 times out of ten he would just run into the forest like a pussy, because he failed....

The show has many extras, a back pack and a map (both talks, saying the same shit all over again), three crawling bugs that plays drumrolls after a stage is completed and a mouse cursor that points obvious stuff....

Perfect for people with IQ's less that 5

This is the show that you watch before commiting suicide
Broke Bussinessman: My life is useless, I have no money, my family doesn't respect me anymore. I know, I'll watch dora the explorer.
(He dies 30 mins. later)
by myster ehu July 01, 2009
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A snotty 7 year old with no brains who travels on an adventure every FUCKING DAY with her homosexual monkey, boots.
What do they do after their half-an-hour show is up?
Nobody knows... except Diego, Dora's cousin. He joins in on the "festivities".

I swear in some episodes, where Dora and Boots are fed, someone sneaks some Crack into their food/drinks.
Dora The Explorer: C'mon boots. Let's go get fucked up.
Boots: Uh.. Dora... Little kids are watching.
Dora: so fucken what! Let's tell them how to buy drugs off a stranger.
Boots: First, we need the map
by Dilzx33 August 08, 2008
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She is an illegal immigrant.
Reasons Why:

1) She speaks spanish... she speaks spanish perfectly... what is she like...5? Her backpack even speaks spanish perfectly!

2) That backpack of hers has EVERYTHING in it! And we're talking everything! Life support, water/food, clothing for any weather, ropes, grappling hooks, shoes.... i mean c'mon!

3) She's carrying a freaking ZOO with her! I mean, she has a monkey, an band of insects, a bajillion other animals! Really! What kind of legal immigrant has that many pets!?

4) She's always on an "adventure" to transport a "package" to some destination and is always being stalked by a person trying to take that package... i mean... really, Swiper is so obviously some sort of border patrol person trying to collect evidence of Dora's entire narcotics trafficking buisness
Dora the explorer is obviously and illegal immigrant! Just look around! The explanations are everywhere!!!
by savanna-wanna May 28, 2007
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A stupid kid that is high on weed(Fo sho) and mentally retarded(IQ:19). There is evidence of this. For example, every single day of her life, she travels to 3 different places with a talking backpack, a talking map, and a talking monkey. Also, if you ever see her, you will not miss her horrible eyesight. She uses a computer mouse instead of wearing dark sunglasses and using a cane to find her way through to the third location. Did you see what I wrote? I wrote A FUCKING COMPUTER MOUSE. Very strange. Signs of hallucinations have been reported. Like a talking EVRYTIHNING and a dumb hustler(stealer) named swiper. She says,"swiper no swiping", most of the time. She acts like she is in some sort of different place than where she is in reality(the doctors at the mental hospital have problems with her. Like when she falling on the stairs. Strangely, she doesn't feel it.).
Dora the Explorer: Say Backpack!
Doctor: Please, dora this is urgent, we cannot play right now.
Dora: Louder!
Dora:Yay backpack!
Doctor:Get the shots, NOW!
Dora:Can you find my LSD?
Dora:Good job!
Doctor 2: I just injected her! She's still calm! WTF?!
Dora: We did it horray!
Doctor: HOLY SHIT, DORA!! Thats the WINDOW!!!!
*Rest in IQ D.Explorer.*
by paper man July 14, 2006
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