To sell dope; drugs, narcotics, coke. Usually traveling place to place or delivering to do so.
Yeah that Josè guy, he's dope peddling
by sgrfrgbgv August 26, 2015
Methamphetamine (AKA: Crystal, Speed, Meth, Ice, Crank-ALL synonyms of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride) that produces extreme elevation in sexual sensitivity. This effect is not exclusive to guys, so called "dick dope" affects women the same way. Sexual arousal is extremely heightened, the act of masturbation and intercourse pre-orgasm feels like a low grade orgasm during the entire duration of sexual stimulation. The orgasm itself can literally feel 10-100 times more pleasurable and intense than an orgasm without "dick dope" methamphetamine.
"I've never thought my body was capable of this kind of pleasure before I tried 'dick dope' meth".
by SFnativeTL October 3, 2020
Dope-an-drop is a term that childcare providers use to describe a situation wherein parents medicate their children to hide a fever or illness so they can fool the provider into thinking the child is not ill.
Today a parent admitted to dope-and-drop after I notified their child had a high fever several hours after arriving.
by Everyone’s Mom January 21, 2019
When referring to someone as dope, it is completely different from referring to them as a dope. One being a compliment, and the other being an insult.

I don't see too many people on here taking the time to differentiate between the slight variations, therefore I shall do just that!
Dope, in reference to a person.

First example: Hey, guy! You're a real dope, you know that? (Here, you have just insulted the person and called them dumb.)

Second example: Hey, my guy! You're really dope, you know that? (Here, you have just complimented the person and called them sick with it, or awesome.)

All it takes is for that one little 'A' letter to be added in or left out for entirely different outcomes.
by Atlas-at-last August 1, 2022
Someone who does judo and is dope. Special Thanks to on this one.
judo dope Ju-Dope william
by Osanyung March 4, 2014
Nickname applied to the author William S. Burroughs. He recieved the title as a result of his self admitted, long term use of opioid agonists, particularly heroin, a regular topic of interest for Burroughs in much of his literature. He became famous in the new york junk scene as a dope addicted icon after works such as Junkie and Naked Lunch were published in 1953 and '59. Junkie was particularly responsible for this reputation as it delved into his very real personal experiences as an opiate addict in New York, detailing everything from his first military issue syrette of morphine in 1945 through years of hustling, junk sickness,nods, legal evasion, and eventual kicking. In Naked lunch, a far more fantastical, fictional book,opiates( notably heroin, morphine, opium,and paregoric) are used by the character William Lee ,a pen name burroughs often used, and are mentioned regularly.
Burroughs' friend James Grauerhaolz: "We're thinking of the difference between alcohol and heroin. Hip people who liked to take dope... score a bag of Dr. Nova... share it with the pope of dope."

Rest well Pope Bill (the first and only)
by LowlifeDopehead August 22, 2013
A person who fiends for everything dope in lyfe and will do anything to get it. Does not have to be drug related. Everyone pheens for something in lyfe.
That guy chased that money like a Dope Pheen!
Wow! Look at his expensive car! That must have cost him at least 100k. He must be one of those Dope Pheens.
by 2Pretty December 3, 2014