Trending with the latest fashion style and always looking good in it; clean, crisp, swag
Yo gotta have these Jordans so im livin dope fresh.

Rocking that car is livin dope fresh

My chick is livin dope fresh
by Mr Infamous Dinoz January 25, 2014
Girl who sleeps with a man or women for dope
Samantha slept with Dallas for dope that makes her a dope whore
by TylerPratt November 11, 2021
Dope whore,

When drugs are needed he will suck, fuck, or eat anything that walks, talks, or barks
by Bobby Grimes December 7, 2021
A girl who will do anything for another hit
I met Dope fiend Sally last night at the trap house and she gave me a blumpken for a hit off the bubble.
by Dope fiend Sally November 5, 2021
A drink that is a mixture of Red bull and Mt. Dew. Often used to keep carnies (sideshow people) awake for long periods of time.
The bearded lady was looking a little tired but after some carny dope she was fine!
by GoodLife20090 May 3, 2011
Dope Shack is a small house that supplies and distributes drugs locally in the community. Seen usually in low income & rundown areas , a dope shack is another form of a traphouse
"Otw the party , I had to stop by the dope shack to pick up my order."

by Redroverleafclover July 18, 2018
When a females vagina is used to hide drugs while traveling. Usually paid for by the transporter in drugs.
Quick hide this in your Dope Locker.
by RyJerseyVset July 12, 2022