One who sleeps wit every drug dealer in town.
Mallory stop being a Dope Whore.
by Pinky Blu September 21, 2017
A guy who will sleep with any rachet female for even the smallest amounts of meth.
You cant trust him enough to date him, he'll cheat for a 1/2 gram. He is nothing but a male dope whore .
by Handpicked January 1, 2017
A dirty, sloppy male or female that does sexual favors to every body they litterly know. Also known to split up relationships.
Omg , that bum mickey mcvey has been a trashy dope whore since the first nut he has ever had.
by Queen Karma December 2, 2016
High end dope whore, is like a high end escort. Only thing is the high end escort is a real thing. The high end dope whore is a mythical creature that is not unlike the mystical unicorn or beautiful mermaid. Has a humanoid form. It hails from the island of Castle Greyskull Mountain Crystal. Is a distant cousin of criddlers. Only but a few men have came into contact and had an encounter with one of these beautiful and sexy thots and lived to tell the tale. The very few that have are all considered to be crazy dope heads that have lost every thing they own at alarmingly fast rates, and therefore usually been hospitalized for the criminally or mentally insane. Handfull of others have taken their own lives. Because of this most everyone does not believe in this non-existent creature. Also no evidence to prove their existence so... keep a look out for one of these women or men.
Hey Lex, message your best high end dope whore and get her over here asap, I need some company.
by Drewcifer2897 December 13, 2018
To be bred by a multiple big black cocks (in excess of 50 or more)
While very high on a methamphetamine shot (intravenous)...
Feeling excessively horny and cannot control her self ...she would do ANYTHING if she was high enough literally ANYTHING...
Look at Dope whore bbc bred mimi in the gang part of town she knows what she wants...dirty fucking slut
by Juggalo_crack_bunn7 December 20, 2020
Girl who sleeps with a man or women for dope
Samantha slept with Dallas for dope that makes her a dope whore
by TylerPratt November 11, 2021
Dope whore,

When drugs are needed he will suck, fuck, or eat anything that walks, talks, or barks
by Bobby Grimes December 7, 2021