A group full of tooted up trucks that will guaranteed fuck your girlfriend and make your mom wet. They’ve got large cocks and will beat the shit out of you for talkin shit. DI run it!
“omg is that fivestar?” fuck no it’s dope illustrations bitchhhhhhhh
by Dope Illustrations August 24, 2020
A group of posers who are bitch made and think they’re stock troks are the best in the country. While most are clapped and daddy’s and mommy’s money.
what’s Dope illustrations? Bitch made ass niggas
by Flexingonforces July 30, 2018
A truck club with some fine ass men that drive some HARD ass trucks shittin on you and your pos!
Whats dope illustrations?
"Thats them loud clean trucks always drivin by in big groups"
Hey you tryna join stunna?

"bitch u got me fuuuuckedd up im in DI"
🎶STUNNA MAD STUNNA MAD🎶 -marshall evans
by dope illustrations August 24, 2020