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1. Someone who evidently attempts to dress as a goth while being largely oblivious to the actual subculture as they're too smitten by all the nifty black spiky things they can buy to make them look mysterious and nonconformist at Hot Topic!
2. Someone who's newly thrust themself into the gothic subculture without a clue as to what it stands for, usually marked by a lame wardrobe, the writing of terrible poetry mentioning blood and broken mirrors at least twice, a newly acquired cutting habit, and several recently failed half-assed suicide attempts.
3. Someone who decides to pose as a goth for no reason beyond wanting to look like a more interesting person, usually unbeknownst to them (the average doom cookie thinks s/he isn't one), but gives themself away immediately with their obnoxious or ridiculously overdone gloomy personality and an unnatural affinity towards being repeatedly raped by Hot Topic's prices in order to own 5 more pairs of bondage parachute pants.
Little pisses me off more than having to put up with that little doom cookie friend of yours.
by Kitteh May 07, 2005
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Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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A prattish young woman desiring to flaunt her 'gothiness,' while not really realizing how annoying and cliche she is.
"Did you hear that? Ashley just stood up on that bench and recited 'The Raven' by Poe, in that black leather skirt with the skull on it. What is she trying to do, win a doomcookie competition?"
by Ghleanna October 22, 2003
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baby manson-ites, moshers, usually seen in packs all atempting to be individuals by dressing the same.
Dress code: black clothes, baggy, silver jewellery, lots of black make-up including the boys.
bloody doom cookies - when you see a group of 17 yr olds dressed in black trying to look like the angel of death
by baruch March 11, 2004
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Conventionally referring to a 'tryhard' goth. Nowadays it refers to the 'tryhard' emo phenomenon. These doom cookies act and dress like emo without understanding the true nature of the subculture and exploit the title of emo.
I thought you were friends?
No she is a doom cookie.
by rach XD September 05, 2007
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