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Very Similar to the term "DONZO"

It means to Be DONE DONE, no more, no continuing, can't go on, defeated,dead,

But in This case Donzo McDonzingTin , means all of the above, But mulitplied by ×666. it means the final level of being done. A hardcore super Saiyan version of DONZO Its next level shit.

You usually say it if you had A adnormaly L O N G, ANNOYING day, or after acheiving a well sought after task. Also could be used as a level of soberness, Donzo McDonzingTin is usually like black out drunk. When the homies start writing on your face.
Example 1

Dude 1 : We finally made it to California, boy that was a LONG drive

Dude 2 : Yea bro, I'm Fucking DONZO MCDONZINGTIN

Dude 1 : Oh you done done !!!

Example 2

"You seen that loser drink a whole bottle of Vodka?! That fool passed out in the pool I think he's dead, I know for sure he's DONZO MCDONZINGTIN"

Random Dude : "Yea he pissed his pants, he's DONE DONE
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