synnonoms include:

confuse, miscalculate, misconstrue, misinterpret, misjudge, misread, overestimate, overlook, underestimate, addle, blunder, botch, bungle, confound, err, fail, goof, jumble, lapse, misapprehend, misconceive, miscount, miss, omit, slip, snarl, tangle, be off the mark, be wrong, deceive oneself, get wrong, have wrong impression, make a mess, misdeem, misknow, miss the boat, put foot in, slip up, AND take for

if you didn't read all of them read it because my hands hurt from typing

slang: idk

meaning: 1. used to say that one does not have the information someone is asking for.

2. used to express disagreement, doubt, or uncertainty.
Sam: "What time does the library close?" Tom: "I don't know."

Bob: "I don't like that guy."

i dont know what other sentence i should write
by helloiamsean April 19, 2022
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when someone doesn’t like cake , is commonly only used by losers and instinctively used by people named James !
I dont like cake , he said with a northern accent !
by yeqhthat May 30, 2022
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i dont speak broke dose mean that the person that says that is to rish to be possibel to speak whit you.
hey kid talk with me. im sorry i dont speak broke.
by happykokobeng February 10, 2019
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Code for "Get me three pizzas, one box of fries and a pepsi, then maybe your fries will live to see another day!"

Code made by the mystical creature, unknown by mankind until today "The Female"
Gorl: I dont want any food

-Proceeds to eat your fries-
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iconic Jawad song

aka a song that came out summer 2019

i dont want a thotie i want a bae is actually a pretty good song

take you on a trip on a private plane

anywhere you want

you just gotta say
by vcsodscobadapisco October 7, 2019
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