The button all "editors" click on when editing every word they come across in an effort to keep the words they made up as popular as possible, preventing potentially better words from showing up.
"why didn't these faggots publish my word? Fuck these fools, I'll get back at everyone by becoming an editor and clicking Dont Publish for every word I see."
by fuckUDeditors May 18, 2010
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I'm a typical "editor" of Urban dictionary. Weeks ago, I added a word that is now quite poular. So to keep the word popular and my ego fresh, I became an editor and click on nothing but the DONT PUBLISH BUTTON. I'm sooo awesome.
I'm a piece-of-shit "editor" who clicks Dont Publish for many reasons:

1. Because I'm a little kid who thinks it's funny.

2. My word got published, but I'm afraid there might be a cooler one coming up.

3. I have no life.
by fuckurbaneditor7 May 18, 2010
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