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When someone who is kissing you and overlaps their lips on top of yours and basically engulfs your lips with theirs, often at times sliming you with their saliva.
My date was such a bad kisser, he kept donkey kissing me. It was just nasty.
by Pseudo-smith June 17, 2018
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Donkey Kiss: The compassionate act of issuing a Donkey Punch to one’s partner in a manner whereby said partner suffers from insomnia or some other form of sleep abnormality thus rendering that person unconscious which in turn results in a much needed night of slumber. The beneficial physical byproduct of executing the Donkey Kiss is made all the sweeter and more satisfying knowing that you are doing something so deeply motivated in kindness and selflessness.
My wife had been complaining from several sleepless nights, wrought with angst around the “rigors” of her daily life, so I kindly ”Donkey Kissed” her in the back of the head as I whispered “Sleep tight my princess” and then gently removing my unit from her can. We both slept soundly that night.
by Budrewkev April 29, 2012
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