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Doni Jo - AKA "I AM MUZICT47 T65"

Doni Jo - Producer / Song Writer / MC! "I AM MUZIC T47 / T65" Is more than a quote from this artist, its more of his Entire Way Of Life. This 22 year old Global artist is known for his Dope Lyrics,creativity & also for Producing some of the finest beats in the Inland Empire. Possibly in the world, Keep your ears open for the unique sounds of DONI JO aka TRACKS FINEST.

"Salute Me That's a Gesture of Respect

Pay Homage I'm The Captin Of The Ship,I'm The Shit,Pocket Full Of Toilet Paper I Dont Have 2 Wipe,Fresher Then A Muhfucka Flyer Then a Satellite"
by DONI JO "NEw ERAH" November 14, 2009
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