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This is most typically referred to as the toilet bowl water once a man's penis as poked itself into the murky depths. When a penis infiltrates the vile waters of the ceramic oval office, the water turns into Dong Water. Similar to bong water in the sense that once clean water is now tainted.

In other cultures, known as "Poop Dick"
I was pooping at the public walmart restrooms and felt my dick submerge into the icy cold waters of the unknown. I knew immediately that I birthed a new batch of Dong Water. Unsafe and unsanitary, I immediately ran away.
by sixty7gt500 July 11, 2014
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The result of a man taking a piss.

Derived from "bong water", the water used in a bong (obviously); and "Dog Water", one of the phony advertisements on "The Ren and Stimpy Show."
After a long night of drinking Rolling Rocks and playing video games nonstop, the Angry Nintendo Nerd had to reach for the pause button -- he desperately needed to let off a couple quarts of "dong water"...
by Jason L. June 09, 2007
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A slang term for urine/pee/piss/tinkle
I just dropped some dong water in the bathroom, let's roll!
by Dark lord tizzy June 10, 2016
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