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verb: to slap someone with a penis especially given when a person is acting stupid; very harsh action, if you have recieved a dong slap, you are a to be considered the lowest form of organisms
Joel got dong slapped by Landon for being such a fag

Dude, you should dong slap that fool driving his lifted 2WD Ford Ranger.
by Nate Dogg February 27, 2004
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The act of being hit with a coin of the vietnamese national currency.
Nguyen slapped me with his dong.
by sp0rkius February 29, 2004
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The fine art of whacking someone in the face with your penis.
I am going to dongslap the shit out of you.

The abusive husband gave his wife a daily dongslapping that left her cheecks black and blue.
by horhay_achoa July 01, 2003
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what you do to your someone when they tell you to shaddapa your mouth
Poboom: shaddapa your maoth
by Hakko February 21, 2004
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The impromptu act of forcefully releasing one's schlong from his pants and subsequently whipping it across the temple, ear, or forehead area of the target subject.
Come closer so I can dongslap you.
Rosie looked at me funny, so I dongslapped her 14 times in a back-and-forth motion.
by Don Max May 12, 2003
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