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When the sex is that bad you are forced to perform the Donald Trump Sex Maneuver and tell the person your having sex with that their fired!

When you fire a prostitute for lousy sex.

The act of saying, "Your Fired!" during sex.

When you fire your girlfriend/boyfriend, one night stand or someone you've just picked up; that does not meet your standards in sex.
"I'm sorry I'm not that kinna girl that would go down on a guy on a first date."

"Sorry babe!" "I'm gonna have to perform the Donald Trump Sex Maneuver, Your Fired!" "I'll call you a cab and you can wait out on the street corner while I organise a more experienced player for my cock."

I picked this really drunk chick up at a club, she seemed alright at the club. Either I sobered up, or she got more uglier. But during sex she started slobbering all over my dick and didn't know how to give head, so I had to perform the Donald Trump Sex Maneuver and fire her ass!

"I love sucking cock, am I doing it right?"

"Your Fired!"
by The Moody Poet January 06, 2007
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