To blatantly ditch, or not include someone in your plans
Dude why did you don me last night? I really wanted to go to that movie.
by Austin Mudge November 10, 2008
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1. Head of any mafia crime family.
2. Don Perion. Expensive Champagne.
3. 'The Don'. Is Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest ever cricketer. Averaged 99 runs per test innings.
1. "Fat Tony from the Simpsons is the Don of his crime family."
2. "I'll get a Jack and Coke and a Bottle of Don."
3. "Sadly 'The Don' died recently."
by Diego September 09, 2003
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the sweetest, bestest, nicest, sexiest, hottest, most loveable guy in the world.
Don is the loml and he rox my sox.
by sweetiepie April 22, 2005
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The don, the best, the shit, the fuckin daddy, etc. The only one who runs shit.
Brandon, you're the fucking don.
by TheBossDon July 12, 2011
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A charismatic male with numerous women and has clout wherever he goes.
by rajan April 11, 2003
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Verb - The act of telling your subjects of contact the destination point and neglecting to show up, usually by taking a so-called shower, or some assinine act, or maybe someone died in front of your hosue and the cops wouldn't let you leave, or you took a 4 hour nap in your car after dozing off at a red light

example- "We totally got donned"

"don't you don us!"
by hoorayforcats November 26, 2005
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