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Funny and truthful book by Scott Cohen (An Everyday guy, Not a Famous Author) is a collection of those everyday little annoyances that we face in life (738 of them!). This book will definitly make you say "That's so true!" and "I thought I was the only one who notcied that!" because it's so observational and you'll laugh so hard because of how real and truthful it is.
Selected Annoyances:

-When you forget the initial thought you were thinking of, and then stumble on to a thought far less engaging and far less interesting then the thought you were thinking of before.

-When the Photographer sais "Cheese!" and realizes that there's something he had to fix on the camera, leaving you waiting there with a frozen smile that easily fades out into a phony grin.

- Having the suspiscion that using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is not as effective as if you used them both individually.

- The Vulnerability you feel while sitting on a public toilet.

- When the waitress asks "Is Everything alright here?" after you've taken a big bite out of a sandwich, causing you to grunt your response.

Just to name a few...
by Anonomously Anonomous August 17, 2005
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