This is term most commonly used as a statement urging someone to get revenge. It is often used when one is feeling especially vengeful for this certain wrong.
Gandalf: Gimli just broke into my house and ate all of my cupcakes, you know, the ones with the little hearts.

Bilbo: Oh?

Gandalf: And he shaved my beard, i'm really mad.

Bilbo: Don't get mad, get even.
by SpandexMaster January 10, 2014
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a saying that someone says to another when that person has been wronged.

it dosen't make sense because the only reason someone would want to get even is BECAUSE they are mad/upset.
person 1: "OMFG! my teacher gave me detention for something i didn't even do!"

person 2: "don't get mad, get even."
by BP91 December 07, 2009
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