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Dominic Santana is an extremely handsome Jamaican reggae artist who started his musical endeavors at a young tender age. He'd always been musically inclined but didn't recognize the talent that was bubbling inside of him. He is in fact a musical prodigy. He can carry a tune like Bob marley and strum a guitar better than jimi hendrix. Watch out musicians! on top of that he is a Brilliant lyricist and has a delightful way with words. As a person, he is stunning, desirable and irresistible. With his dashing Jamaican features (he has tan skin because his father is Irish), expressive brown eyes, 1000 watt smile and red hot physique, he captures many hearts. His loved ones describe him as the greatest person on earth, with his caring nature and colourful outlook on life. He spreads smile wherever he goes, on and of the stage, and with his charm heals hearts. He is a strong man and enjoys basket ball which he kicks some major tush in! A great fashion sense which will make you go "wow you should be a supermodel". He makes the best out of a life and is forever in a positive frame of mind, lifting others up with him. A sweetie at heart he is loved by everyone, his music fans, his family and he's the best partner any female could ever dream off, serenading her with his guitar and voice:) A brilliant artiste but an even brillianter gentleman!
fan 1: "that drummer fine... mmm mmm he fine"
fan 2: "Dominic Santana is the next big thing... i can feel it in my fingers and my toes"
fan 3: "what next big thing... HE IS THE KING" :)
fan 2: "Dominic Santana... he.... jamaking me crazy haha"
by yourbiggestfan.1\:) June 17, 2010
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