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Domestic dogs are domestic canines that have been in the company of humans for millions of years. They are just the right pet for anyone if they find that space in their heart to get one and find the right breed for them. Here is why they are just such good pets:
- Their loyalty has the sky as it's limit. Remember poor Hachikō that had tremendous loyalty to his deceased owner.

- They have many uses. They have saved the lives of soldiers as their noses are so strong that they can smell bombs and locate them in order to have them pose no danger anymore. They can be very successful therapy and the gentle, calm and sweet nature of therapy dogs makes them suitable chooses to even lead the blind. There are also hunting dogs that have much strength and endurance to take on the hardest of tasks their Hunter gives them.
-They can do many fun and impressing activities like frisbee, flyball, protection work, pulling cars, and IQ tests. Awesome.
- The smartest dog breed in the world, the border collie, has the brainpower of a 2 year old human child. If that doesn't scream intelligence then I don't know what does.
"Dude, domestic dogs are not born survivors like domestic cats are. They suck to the highest level.."

"Yeah, but dogs were bred to be companions not 'born survivors' and the word 'domestic' should be throughly processed in your pea-sized brain. They were bred to be loyal, life-saving, loving and sweet companions that have been put on this earth to love. Respect domestic dogs for what they are, don't disrespect them on what they aren't."
by Your Fellow New Yorker November 04, 2016
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