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When you get an erection and lay down then you ejaculate and it looks like a dolphin squirting out water.
Man, I had a Dolphin Dick last night.
by Fucking Light December 05, 2013
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When you already have fish dick and have sex with someone after that. A really smelly dick. Easier to obtain if uncircumcised.
Friend #1: Man, I can't wait to get home from Coachella and shower. Fucking that hippie chick on Friday night gave me fish dick and then fucking the raver girl Sunday turned it into Dolphin dick.
Friend #2: Just be happy she didn't let you stick it in her butt, then you'd have Orca dick.

Ex: 2
Friend #1: What have you been doing in here, it smells like Dolphin Dick?
Friend #2: Oh my bad I just boned smelly Shelly 15 minutes before you came over.
by GucciMan February 08, 2012
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Descriptive term describing an abnormally "arched" or "curved" male penis.
Jennifer - "Hey I heard you hookup with Jim last night.... how was it?"
Amy - "It was different. He has a serious dolphin dick"
by dboogie9 April 01, 2015
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what you call the penis of someone who still has the foreskin of their penis attached.
ewww cody is uncircumcised.
what? thats nasty, i cant believe he has a dolphin dick.
by fat mattos January 27, 2010
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