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1. To leave the presence of others that are annoying in a decisive manner.

2. Having sex with someone named Alan.

3. To deal unto others violence in the most unpleasant manner imaginable.
1. Jon picks up his things and leaves angry.
Jill- "What is his problem?"
Bill- "He's just doing an Alan."

2. Bob- "So, if you're not busy later, maybe we can hook up?"
Jane- "Sorry, I'll be doing an Alan."

3. "Oh, My God! What is that man doing?"
"Just Run! He's doing an Alan."
by Alan G November 04, 2005
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To buy oneself two meals from the canteen before lunch time so as to eat both of them by the end of the day.
He did an Alan for most of this month and has put on 10lbs.
by pula November 04, 2004
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On Pro Evo running down the line then cutting inside just before you reach the bi-line and passing it to a player on the penalty spot, for people with no skillz!
He's fucking doing an alan again

Yeah hes got no Killa Skillz!
by markku007 November 24, 2006
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