a member of the US Army
The doggies left the bar after the Marines started showing up.
by John MacAyeal September 13, 2003
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can be used in place of a person's name; sometimes used as a greeting
Doggie what's goin on??
by Chwd1013 October 07, 2003
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a way to describe some thing shady, or one who is un trust worthy.
"that dude is kinda doggie"
" I don't think that bar is cool, man, it's kinda doggie"
by duchehater April 22, 2008
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Someone who participates in intercourse of all sorts and persists to carry physical and mental big dick energy everywhere.
Damn, August is a doggie, he fucked both those bitches.
by Doggiebusdown23 December 03, 2019
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A super awesome adorable sweet nice kind fluffy cute ass animal, doggies are mans best friend for life but dun dun if you betray said doggie a doggie will come after you and eat you with it’s sharp ass teeth it’ll chew you like a frecking chew toy so don’t be mean to a doggie they have dark sides but they are mostly always loveable creatures that want to kiss and cuddle you so don’t make them turn bad and if you treat them wrong I will find you and haunt you and kill you because our beloved doggies deserve to be treated like doggie kings and queens.
I want a doggie,doggies are so cute
Omg she has the cutest doggie
His doggie is evil all I did was hit it and now it wants to eat me oh no
via giphy
by great I have no life October 19, 2019
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