An undefined sexual term mentioned on Season 1 Episode 2 of The Boondocks (DVD Version) by Cristal (like the champagne..).

Possibly the Anal variation of the infamous Teabag.
Waiter @ Red Lobster: Doggie bag?
Cristal: A Doggie bag is 90 bucks, a Teabag is 50 but I have to ask you to excuse me right now, see I'm kinda you know on a real date.
by Imacyco August 6, 2006
When a man is giving it doggy style and the woman reaches back and grabs his ball sack
Just as I was about to get off she gave me a doggie bag
by Fuwigie March 5, 2016
a bag used for carrying home uneaten food from a restaurant.
Do you have a doggy bag for my dessert?
by Light Joker April 23, 2005
After discontinuing anal sex, spreading the cheeks while inserting ones balls.
Man, I beat her ass up so good I could've given her a doggy bag.
by 100 Proof January 8, 2006
When ending a meeting that has already gone on too long and used up way too much of everyone's time, use this phrase to indicate wrapping up the unresolved issues to take them up later. Essentially, how you address what to do with issues left over from a meeting.
"OK people, we gotta end this meeting now. What are the issues we'll be doggie bagging for later?"
by Hot Jam September 26, 2009
when you open up the vagina and then put in only your balls and let it close up. you now have the option to jack off.
just fuckin try it. doggie baggin is the shit
by the end of the end November 30, 2010
When a girl grabs your balls while your fucking her from behind.
Hey bitch, you better be doggy bagging!
by Poo Plog January 25, 2011