When you are banging a hoe who allows the butt and you start in the puss, then slide it between the buns, only to return it to the puss again. The hoe then inevitably gets a yeast infection from the anus bacteria in her hoo ha.
I was mad at Trudie last weekend because she was flirting with some other dude, so I gave her the Triple Dog Dip and she got a yeast infection. F that hoe.
by Scotty Nice November 7, 2019
When youre hitting it from the back raw and she chunky sharts on your dick and you stick it back in
Omg canyon, i just chili dog shat on your dick!
"No you didn't brayden, not the chunky shat, keystone chilli dog
by Bch2000 March 10, 2022
You tried to make an excuse to why you can’t go while you are laying on your bed doing nothing. You got a little confused and mixed “I forgot to water my plant” and “I forgot to walk my dog”together, or maybe you just tried to be funny. Happens only over text.
Lisa: “Do you want to come over”
Bryan: “No, I am busy
Lisa: “with what”
Bryan: “I forgot to water my dog”
by Dark red water November 26, 2021
a canary dog is the art of collecting multiple colorful curtains decorated with pottery
Yo, your mom has sick canary dogs!!!
by November 11, 2020
The most delectable treat you can make in Merica’. Seriously, this shit is delicious. Crack open a yard beer of your choice, smear some mustard on your white tank top and enjoy!!
Hay Hank, you making that green jello with hot dogs entree? Fuck yes I am, same shit we had at my sisters wedding. Coincidentally, my wife.
by Greenjellowithhotdogs May 9, 2021
When you stick a milk bone dog treat in your ass and have a dog eat it out.
I really like dogs, thats why Imma be dog boneing with my dog later.
by 12324354678765434567 April 26, 2011
Evans dog is a word used to define a dog that is very cute; "Omg that dog is so Evans dog" "That cute is litteraly Evans dog" Most people use this word as a short term of amazingly cute.
"OMG! That dog is so Evans dog"
"That dog is litteraly the definition of Evans dog"
by Traxz September 5, 2022