Someone who is completely and utterly incapacitated by the cuteness of pups, woofers, and dogs alike.

The kind of person who makes up an urban dictionary entry for the sake of a tinder profile... all in the name of dogs of course..
Spencer, this one random dude on tinder, is such a dog person!
by Spence+dogs=happy July 31, 2017
Someone who likes dogs but if you like a different animal you are the devil
Dog person: “I have 3 dogs at home and they are all my baby’s

Person: “I have a cat-“

by Gtfhfhgug December 4, 2021
a stupid idiot who is too dumb to see that cats are better
emmallyiie: i’m a dog person!
shawn: go kys cats are better
Someone who goes totally crazy with joy when they see a dog. Any dog. Anywhere. Anytime.

This type of person points and smiles with delight when driving past a dog, and shouts "Aaaaaah, look how cute he is with his little tail and funny looking eyes!!". Often endangering themselves and other road users.

A crazy dog person also grins from ear to ear when their dog does a solid poop, cocks their leg or squats on every bush they see, and when they chase the neighbours cat from the yard while barking like a maniac.

A crazy dog person will relentlessly shower their dog in hugs (even though this can be annoying for their dog) and endless belly rubs. They also never hesitate to wipe their dogs poop-caked butt.

Crazy dog people can't walk past a dog park without running into the park and patting every dog they see. Even ugly A/F dogs.
Jane: "Uh meh gawd. I love that dog. His jacket is dapper. I'd hug that dog all day long!!"

Jack: "Jane, you're such a crazy dog person. You're nuts babe!"

Jane: "Totes! I fucking love dogs!"
by L.L. Drool J May 29, 2019