The Thing only Dogs Should eat, but Children Get to them and think they are Scooby Snacks.
Ima get the Dog Treats and Tease the Doggos Because I can.
by Not-So-Sweet-Treats November 17, 2018
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When a female places a strategicly planned amount of peanut butter inside her vaginal hole and allows the family dog to remove it via licking it out.
Mom: -knocks on door- What's all that screaming I hear?
Julie: Shut up mom! I'm giving the dog a reeses dog treat... Oh god, its tongue is rather sandpapery tonight..
by jericho970 February 18, 2009
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"Someone whos inept carrying out a task"
Rob: Right Meaker your up against Steve on Mk
Meaker: Have a laugh Steves a dog treat
Rosie *faint sound from the back ground*...ponies

"Dont eat a chocolate log, treat yourself to a meat dog ju fack"
by Mandrake1 February 19, 2008
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This is a catchy catch phrase where your friends will use when they get something they want or use it when they are happy. It can also be a very annoying phrase at some points. It can be used to answer questions (it means I am excited to go or yes)
Do you want to go climbing today?
A. yeet yeet dog treat!!
by Shack Stejay June 10, 2017
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When a girl shits herself then a guy with peanut butter on his dick fucks her in her ass and he nuts and lets the dog eat the stuffings
Guy 1: Yea she let me do the reeses dog treat on her last night it was awesome
Guy 2: ur weird
by BigAnalLicker June 02, 2020
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