A dog dad is the proud owner of a dog and loves his dog like he would love his own kids—if he had any. Dog dads will eagerly tell anyone who will listen about the random mundanities of his dog's life, even if no one asked. Dog dads get minted at any age, whether it's adopting a new puppy, or rescuing a senior dog to live a good life in comfort.

In same-sex couples, both partners may be collectively referred to as dog daddies. If only one person in the couple assumes primary caretaking responsibilities, then he is the sole dog daddy.

Dog dads can be easily identified at the dog park because they are standing alone with their leash, bag of dog treats, and dog dad hat pulled low over his face, watching his fur baby frolic with the other pups.
Girl 1: Paolo is such a dog dad — all he does is take pictures with his dog for Instagram, wearing his dog dad hat, and he never goes anywhere without her.

Girl 2: Yeah, he's dog dad af.
by dogdadhats February 26, 2021
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Like any other breakup, separation or divorce, dogs are just as sensitive as the children and can be quite affected by this ending of a relationship. They will never understand and you can never explain what has happened and what will happen. If you’re lucky, the “Dog Dad” still wants to be a loving and financially supporting person in their lives, but many times this does not happen and this is what is called a “Deadbeat Dog Dad.”

A “Deadbeat Dog Dad” is a dad that willingly, carelessly, distastefully and hurtfully neglects any emotional stability, housing, healthcare and overall financial support for the animals that he was a partner in bringing into a once loving home. For many men, it’s “out of sight, out of mind!”

A “Deadbeat Dog Dad” is also a person that gives up on his dog for no good reason and gives his dog away, drops his dog at the shelter or dumps his dog on the street when he no longer wants “that” responsibility.

They have their own internal clocks and continue to mope and wait as the days go by, with nothing that can be done to make them feel better, or make them understand.

Eventually, your doggy may give up on the hope of his or her daddy coming home, but this doesn't mean that he will ever be forgotten.

With all of this occurring, it is a heartless situation for the dog, because once that person is gone, those habits, routines and rituals that were once dear to their hearts, can never be emotionally satisfied or replicated.
"Deadbeat Dog Dad"

Having the love of an animal companion has such unlimited rewards and it is a privilege, an honor and it comes with great responsibility. Dogs are so trusting and look up to us for what they need to live, thrive and survive. There should be a law that prohibits these men from shirking this responsibility, this escape of obligation and love. At first glance it may be difficult for others to understand, but for the dog, this loss is as emotionally devastating as a child’s loss of his father.

When a car pulls up, when the garage door opens, when a car door shuts, when the alarm is set, when a gate is opened and closed, when the front door is opened, they expect to see their “Dog Dad” and when it’s not him, your doggy may retreat back into depression. Dogs are quite prone to routines and rituals and, as you know, when you leave the house for a few hours, or even go on a vacation, your sitter often tells you that they were not able to eat, were sad, got depressed and seemed lost; but, it’s even worse when the day comes when that daddy your dogs love so much just doesn't come home anymore.
by Hydemee March 23, 2014
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Photos or videos featuring a single Dog Mom’s dog that uses the dog to attract single men who want to be dog dads into the life of the single dog mom.
Franny loves to use her dog as dog dad bait in tiktoks and Instagram stories.
by Mr. Patrick Parker August 13, 2021
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