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Mishearing of the phrase, "Does it make it right?". Said with a heavy Australian accent sounds very close to, "Does a maggot rot?". The misinterpretation of the question is like a misheard song lyric also called a mondegreen.
Australian TV Host: Your daughter is only 8 years old, she is too young to be kickboxing. You must consider at that age she doesn't know the danger of what she is getting in to.

Australian Kick Boxer: Does Wally Lewis (professional rugby player) son play football? Does Bindi Irwin (daughter of Steve Irwin) play with crocodiles and snakes?

Australian TV Host: Yeah, but does it make it right?

Australian Kick Boxer: "Does a maggot rot?" I don't know. Does my daughter love her mom and dad? Yes she does.
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by Bl8ke August 01, 2018
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