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Are you playin' your love games with me?
I just need to know what to do cuz i need your love a lot, come on now, do you love me?
by I'm Old Gregg! January 08, 2009
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A catchy pop-jazz-rock-ish song that's about three minutes long and is decent to treadmill to. It came out in the 60's via a band called The Contours, apparently though it was originally intended for The Temptations, a band that's worth looking into BTW, who failed to show for the recording of it.
The song details the account of a guy who had his heart broken by some OP 'cause he couldn't dance, then later he could dance and returns to OP with this fact and a question: <i>Do You Love Me</i> now that I can dance?' (This link might not work.) Typically, when they performed this, they did the aforementioned dances. The song is simple, cheesy, and light-hearted; but I could see anime characters lip-syncing the screamed lyrics to other characters in their series in a :foeyay: way in an :AMV:, or recommending this for your local gym or ballet class.
FoggyPebble: *listening to Pandora Radio on iPod Touch while on treadmill for the fifth hour that night* Uugh, my liver and gut always hurt.. *Do You Love Me? comes on Pandora Radio* Yay! *goes faster on treadmill*

Somebody: This reminds me of the song Do You Love Me? by The Contours. 8D
by Foggy pebbl January 05, 2011
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The question a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend asks you. The answer is usually no, but you say yes and go fuck someone else behind their back.
boyfriend: Do you love me?
Girlfriend: yeah of course...

girlfriend:hey, my boyfriend left to buy groceries. Come here, now.
random guy(not boyfriend): I'll be right there hottie
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by Mari the diva December 23, 2017
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