This is when you spin her on your dick like a Beyblade and then stand up while she is still spinning. You then pick her up and start jumping and when she's about to puke you throw her onto the bed and jump on top of her. You then proceed to ejaculate onto her breasts while she pukes onto your dick.
Last night my girlfriend didn't make me any mack n cheese, so I made the bitch do a dizzy kangaroo
by BDB420 June 7, 2021
Dizzy star is a game you can play on a clear night. You go outside, look up at the sky, and pick one star to focus on. you can blink, but keep looking at the star you chose. Then you spin around (keep looking at your star) until you're laughing and/or falling down.
Hey, it's a clear night and I can see the stars, wanna go play dizzy star?
by bananalemon October 6, 2021
A Girl who can be expected to be seen at Dizzys every week because they get paid to go to the bar, since it is easier to attract guys than girls.
I hate this place but we have a bar night so its mandatory to come or we don't get paid.

Oh so you're a dizzy girl?
by Zeus is on the Loose September 19, 2014
Guy sitting on bench: *doing nothing*

Random 5 year old: *repeatedly saying “slizzy dizzy lala”*
by Some guy whose bored af March 9, 2023
Any obscure FPS game that looks super goofy and clunky. Named after the streamer dizzy for his proclivity for these types of games.
Poke: "this is such a dizzy game"
by buzzkillbd February 15, 2023
A dramatic condition in which a male spins in a circle while emitting semen. An alternate option can be receiving oral sex after playing pin the tail on the donkey.
Bro do not come near me with that dizzy jizzy shit!
by BigDaddyKosher March 24, 2018
Dizzy Muchies is when your drinking alcholic beverages while simultaneously smoking Marajuana. You tend to get dizzy do to alcohol while very hungrey do to weed.
I totally got the dizzy muchies last night at Danielles party! I ate eveything in sight, while being drunk as fuck!
by DaniLee 20 January 14, 2014