when someone is purely speaking from her ass*ole and doesn't even hear the nonsense they are speaking.
nah bro, you be dizzy. wtf are you even saying?!
by tatted t June 9, 2020
When someone is a complete moron and doesn't know it, usually very nice and sometimes confused about mostly all common sense situation, Yes you could say its derived from the proper term "Ditsy" but hood niggas say Dizzy so Fawk you!
Her: What does "IDK" mean
Me: "I dont know"
Her: Oh ok, i guess ill just keep asking

Her: hahaha i know what that one means...
Me: Dizzy Bitch
by dc_allday January 14, 2015
a word that describes a disposable vape.
yo have you got a dizzy?

yeah fam here's my dizzy.
by bablo bicasso February 18, 2022
1: like when your whole world is turning
2:the app discord
Hey John you wanna hop on a dizzy call?
by JohnTheGayCowboy December 10, 2021
Aye gang i’m boutta get up outta here i just see the dizzyz
by Top opp goon March 28, 2022
Dizzy means discord.
ayo you got dizzy?


bet mic up
by D0LLY August 5, 2021
Dizzy means discord.
ayo you got dizzy?


bet mic up.
by D0LLY August 5, 2021