Another term for fentanyl or heroin.
Cuz it can make you dizzy
by Jacklin Me off October 2, 2019
A Nick Crane production

This is something Nick Crane will say to someone for no reason and make no sense at all.
Anyone - hi, what you doing

Nick - ehhh you Dizzy !

Everyone else - ....
by Dalehurst August 29, 2020
an adjective: crazy, interesting, bad, wild, etc.
imari: "i heard that party was wack"
tana: "it was so dizzy"
by tanas bitch September 15, 2019
another term for vape, coined from a popular side-effect of vaping- a feeling of dizziness. Can describe the pen itself or the action of vaping.
"Yo nignog i just picked up a new dizzy mod, finna go vape with nolan in the bathroom."
by JustNuclear February 23, 2016
"Man I can't trust bill with any task, fuckin dizzy ass dude."
by Tiegrr July 14, 2017
a person who is unusually intelligent, clever, or successful especially at an early age.
Dizzy: Someone that is very clever.
"Daniel is very clever"
by Diz meaning May 8, 2021