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A bitch ass ho that should be killed or run the fuck over by a truck for being such a cunt that you need to add a adjective before the word.
Example A. You get rear ended by a Dizzy Cunt who can not drive to save her life.

Example B. The Dizzy Cunt thinks your actually going to buy her a drink.

Example C. That fucking bitch ass whore spilled my drink, what a Dizzy Cunt.
by bossindustries August 08, 2012
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A human female with no sense of what is going on; possibly disoriented, or confused. Most likely she tries to charge you the past midnight fee on your foot long sub at local gas stations.
When at Sheetz it is commonplace to say,
"That dizzy cunt tried to charge me extra for my MTO!"
by the method frank February 05, 2004
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