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Being the homewown of Ronald Reagan, the city of Dixon is small but sweet. It seems dickish and absolutely terrible when you first move in depending on the neighborhood, and the highschool is among the town the biggest hotspot for gay people. Its yearly Petunia festival is nice and pretty but doesn't cover up the Scout war hiding in the parade lines. There are tons of creative and imaginable minds in this small town but the town is just as, and almost more, broke off its ass just like the state its in.
This town has a history of terrible police records in its citizens, one of the things it would be notorious for would be the DHS shooting that occured on May 16th, 2018. The people of Dixon can be nice if you pass them the right way, but if you get on anyones bad side, they will always have that one friend who will stab you with a rusted over pole straight to the gut.
The town's scenery is nice, and the buildings are authentic. It all looks pretty neat except for the highschool in the summer of 2018 due to it being under construction since March or so the same year due to a finding of mold in the walls and the numerous cracks in the school.
"Dixon is such a nice town once you get to know everyone."

"Dixon, Illinois is known for containing the Ronald Reagan Boyhood home."

"The gays will rise in the small valleyway of Dixon."
by coderedven July 14, 2018
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