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Anyone who mindlessly adheres to the diversity creed.

Prone to Drone: Self-identified 'liberals'; moralistic vigilantes; anthropology majors.

Life cycle: Many people assimilate into drone-life after discovering that diversity is the solution to world conflict, becoming so obsessed with this ideal that their personality merges with the Hive-Mind. This causes them to engage in stereotyped and predictable behaviors such as: obtaining student leadership positions, becoming obstinately opposed to stereotypes, and becoming hateful towards the imagined Oppressor. Drones typically die off after obtaining jobs in the outside world.

How to recognize a drone: Drones can often be heard buzzing about "ethnic identity", "tolerance", and "multiculturalism", esp. when pressed about their comprehension of diversity. You won't find a depth of knowledge here, only the clever wielding of words to shame and demonize. Do not threaten further. Drones command the power of a guilty Nation.
"This modern dance performance is really pissing me off, it's ethnocentric and racist! What's with all of them having dark skin? It's not like ALL Ethiopian people have dark skin! I'm going to make a facebook group protesting the unjust portrayal of minority Ethiopian people in modern dance."
-words of a diversity drone

by nohbodyatall February 27, 2009
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