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The act in which the grilfriends family is home and you can not have sex in the house, so you find the nearest ditch in a soccer field and fuck the woman there lasting a grand smacking total of 7 minutes.
"Damn your parents are home"
" we can go to the fields, i know a great ditch"
*7 minutes later: man creams all over the women's wide vagina and leaves*

That is a Ditch Fucker
by ragerinthemorning May 08, 2011
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nasty country girl (highly likely skag whore) who's stank you don't want in your car, so you toss her in a ditch and most likely ass to mouth her. You have to take off and leave her in the ditch for it to count. (helps if you bust in her eyes so she can't see)
q: how was the cottage?
a: I was so fukn loaded that i grabbed a ditch fucker
by ThaOriginal January 24, 2005
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