1.To be wild and careless
2. Excessively ornated 3. Lacking good taste 4. Something that does not invoke good feelings 5. Something that invokes the feel of the 80's
That outfit is disco. (3)
Todays shoes are diso (2)
My car is acting diso today (4)
by Crimro January 12, 2005
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To stick your penis into the hole of a CD or a record. (Disco, Discoing, Discoed, Discophobia)
I went to the record store and I started to disco the night away.
by Groovy Ninja April 19, 2011
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A word meaning more than love. First comes like, then lurve, then love, then Love... and then Disco. To disco someone is to love them for more than ever.
I disco Ste.
by Q May 15, 2004
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Like all dance music, it is the anti-christ of music. It has no soul and no character.
We thought hard rock killed disco on Disco Demolition night, but MTV ruined hard rock and left humanity defenseless against the Disco-inspired genre of Hip Hop.
by Rocky Sullivan January 16, 2007
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Tacky or unnecessary flashiness. Especially in large quantity. Often associated with vehicles and clothing.
"Low rider rims, on a purple van with Viking murals? That's way, too disco!"
by D. Gould January 24, 2006
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adjective .dead. no longer cool.
as in "that shit is as dead as disco" properly shortened to "that shit is disco"
"this club is f'n disco"
by criostoir September 20, 2006
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