a dildo with mirrors on it
omg i think there is a shard of glass in my anus from my disco stick!
by i love disco sticks69 December 2, 2009
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1) non-lethal weapon for breaking up riots/parties or subduing a combatant (commonly used by police or military):

a) powered stun baton emitting colorful sparks like disco ball reflections,

b) non-powered, usually collapsible baton. So-called because of tendency to produce spinning star-like visual artifacts, reminiscent of a disco ball, when used on the skull.

2) lighted sticks or tubes of various colors commonly used for signaling, navigation in darkness, or dance parties. Can be battery-powered, fluorescent/phosphorescent, or lit by chemical reaction. The colors can glow steadily, strobe, or cycle. The term derives from their popular use at raves and other dance parties to achieve novel, personal lighting effects as an improvement over the Disco Era's trend of wearing bright, shiny clothing or jewelry to maximize the reflections of a disco ball. Also called glow sticks, neon bling, or luminaria.
1) The SWAT team quickly contained the riot by employing disco sticks and firehoses.

2) That DJ's signature is tying bi-colored disco sticks in his dreadlocks and using a stroboscope to make them dance to the beat.
by illuminate-us October 6, 2010
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Since Liz's lips had lipgloss had glitter in it, she gave Tyler a disco stick after giving him head
by Blehef March 7, 2011
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the only useful part of the male anatomy for females
There is nothing good about that man except for his disco stick.
by jack black's penis August 7, 2009
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Term referenced by Lady Gaga in reference to a pole in a dance club where one would take a second from dancing with someone to tell the owner of a club they are going to dance on it.
Person dancing with someone says "Lets have some fun this beat is sick" Turns to owner and says "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
by Sylvs July 20, 2009
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Referred to as a penis by many people started by lady gaga
Guy1: Have you heard of that Jordan kid? Guy2: Yeah, I've heard he's ridden 7 disco sticks in one night!
by Empeh January 3, 2010
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