as the queen herself lady gaga once said: “its penis”.
“I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”

you go get you some disco stick girll”
by lady gaga luvrrr May 6, 2021
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a stick that is in fact not a disco.

used in the legend, lady gaga’s song “love game.
girl:i wanna take a ride in your disco stick

by bubba wubba monster July 20, 2021
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an elaborate, flashing,squirming and vibrating dildo.
i was pleasantly shocked when my one night stand produced and unleashed a mind blowing disco stick on herself !!
by david lazarus January 9, 2006
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when a man breaks open a glow stick all over his penis (usually in different colors).
I just rode on Jimmy's disco stick last night
by Sally the Fuggen Camel September 22, 2008
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1. penis

2. special pogo stick used in the 70s in discos for partying and dancing
1. oat said, "i want to take a ride on your disco stick." dominic said "ew."

2. "hey, you taking your disco stick tonight?"
"yeah, man! who isn't?"
by oatus113 November 10, 2009
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Term coined in the late seventies, resurrected by popular prop comedian Lady Gaga, also known for her karaoke-style computerized children's-club cult mind-taking rhythm-music for teens.

Involves the beating of a non-disco dancer caught by a number of drunk, brand name wearing, backwards cap bald-spotting males who have been angered due to hearing a form of music other than disco, otherwise known as repetitive club music with a worn out four-four mind erasing lame beat. A branch is severed from a tree (or whatever crude cudgel-like object discovered nearby) , thus becoming a "disco stick" to demonstrate in a concrete way the power of disco music. Can also describe the point of view of a listener at a dance club wherein the music becomes a torture device, a disco stick used to beat simplistic garbage disguised as dance music into one's head through speakers.
I just worshiped satan through Lady Gaga's sex hymnal with my frat brothers and now I'm dumb enough to join up with a herd of other missing links to beat the intelligent open minded music fan with a disco stick until his brain deactivates.

Having to endure that pointless music at that club made me feel as though I had been beaten mercilessly with a disco stick.
by inscrutable July 6, 2010
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a stick that resembles a disco ball that is passed around at parties. when someone receives the disco stick, they must dance until they pass it to someone else.
jane just loves when she gets the disco stick, she pulls out all of her best moves.
by Elroro;] September 27, 2009
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